Are you interested in enrolling your child in Rainbow Preschool? Call and schedule a tour! Our Director will answer any questions you have and get you started!

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Yes, Rainbow Preschool will not change diapers or pull­ups. It is our policy that all children attending Rainbow will need to be completely toilet trained. A child is considered completely toilet trained when he or she initiates going to the bathroom and can adjust clothing necessary to urinate or have a bowel movement. Further, we require that the child has been completely accident free for a minimum of two full weeks before attending school.

We understand that accidents sometimes happen. Parents are required to have a clean change of clothes (shirt, pants, socks and underwear) in their child’s backpack at all times. The clothes should be appropriate for the season.

If a child has more than one accident within two weeks at school, the child will be asked to leave school and not return until the child is completely accident free for a minimum of two full weeks. Tuition will still be due during this time. If a child has repeated accidents, it could result expulsion. Special situations should be brought to the attention of the director.

When can I pick up and drop off my child

Full day students may arrive anytime after 7am and before Morning classes begin at 8:15 a.m. Full day students shall be picked up no later than 6pm.

Morning preschool classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and dismiss at 11:15 a.m. Parents are asked to bring their child no earlier than 8:15 a.m. and to pick up their child promptly at 11:15 a.m.

Please pick up your child promptly. If you are late, you will be charged a minimum of $5 for each five minute increment until the child is picked up. This fee will be added to your monthly tuition charge.

Will meals be provided for children in full day program?

No, Breakfast or an early morning snack will be provided for full day students who arrive before 8am. Each full day student will be required to bring a sack lunch. We will keep a “spare” lunch at the preschool. If you forget to bring lunch, you will be asked to replace the supplies used.

Children in full­ day care are required to brush their teeth following meals. Parents will need to provide toothbrushes for their child.

Will full day children take a nap?

Yes, children in full-day care are required to rest. Rainbow will provide nap-time cots/pads and waterproof covers. Parents will need to provide a pillow, sheet and blanket for their child. Bed linens will be sent home each Friday to be laundered and returned Monday.

Will parents be providing snacks?

Yes, each parent agrees to participate in the morning snack program for their child’s class. Afternoon snacks will be provided by the preschool. Snacks should meet all KDHE requirements. All parents will be assigned an equal number of days to bring snacks. We keep a “spare” snack at the preschool. If you forget to bring snacks on your assigned day, you will be asked to bring a snack to replace the supplies used.

What is our inclement weather policy

In the event of bad weather, Rainbow Preschool may close to ensure the safety of the staff and children. We will close when the Baldwin Public Schools close due to icy/snow conditions. Please call the school if you are unsure.